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Welcome to Blok City - your resource for all things Blokky. Here we have details of all the Mega Bloks sets that have been released by Mega Brands, links to the instructions for the sets in case you have misplaced them and photos of what each set looks like.

MEGA brick.png Set of the Month
97117 Forward Unto Dawn.jpg

This months Set of the Month is one of the biggest sets ever produced Mega Bloks, the 97117 Forward Unto Dawn set.

This set was a Toys-R-Us exclusive set but can be found elsewhere and contained a massive 2877 pieces.

The model itself was a Charon-class light frigate called the Forward Unto Dawn that was over 37 inches long. The model itself was packed with bricks to give the model strength and makes a compact model with very little empty space inside apart from a central corridor. It comes with heavy duty displays stands made from bricks on which a nameplate for the ship can be mounted.

The Forward Unto Dawn was a central ship to the events of Halo 3 and at the end of the game it was ripped apart and sections of it appear in Halo 4, but with a heavy redesign.

MEGA brick.png Theme of the Month
COD Theme.jpg

Call of Duty

This months Theme of the Month is the new Call of Duty Sets released by Mega Bloks in 2013

Call of Duty is a Mega Bloks theme released in 2013. The sets are Collector Sets tied in with the Activision Computer games in the Call of Duty franchise.

The Sets vary from minifigure collections of various armed personnel, such as the 6824 Seal Team set, to slightly larger sets with vehicles as well as minifigures such as the 6822 Heavy Armor Outpost set.

So far there have been 10 Collector Construction Sets released and they were launched at New York Comic Con 2013, on October 10th 2013. The sets are designed for adults who are fans of the franchise, collectors and experienced builders and each set requires a significant level of building skill and dexterity.

MEGA brick.png In the news
  • April 30,2014: Mega Brands becomes wholly owned by Mattel in a $460 million acquisition.
  • February 16, 2014: Mega Brands and Ubisoft announced the brand new Mega Bloks Assassin's Creed Authentic Collectors Series.
  • February 11, 2014: Mega Brands and Ubisoft announced the brand new Mega Bloks Assassin's Creed Authentic Collectors Series.
  • February 11, 2013: Mega Brands announced the brand new Mega Bloks Halo Authentic Collectors Series. This includes four light and sound enhanced playsets including the UNSC Night-Ops Gausshog, the UNSC Hornet, the dual-mode UNSC Anti-Armor Cobra and the all new UNSC Pelican Gunship.
  • February 11, 2013: Mega Brands announced the brand new Mega Bloks First Builders™ preschool construction toys including the all-new Billy Beats Dancing Piano. Billy Beats dances to the beat of 8 different pre-programmed songs or those composed by the budding musician. Billy Beat's colorful light-up keys help teach children to play by following along, and kids will love the piano, wacky DJ and cute animal sounds.
  • February 10, 2013: Mega Brabds announced new sets in its Hot Wheels line such as the ripcord-powered Build and Race assortment, the motorized 3-in-1 Super Blitzen Monster Truck with custom parts for three vehicle transformations, or the Urban Agent Escape Rig with missile launchers and vehicle stunt ramp. The new sets include exclusive Team Hot Wheels collectible micro-action-figures.
  • December 4, 2012: Mega Brands announced the launch of Mega Bloks Barbie designed specifically for girls. Mega Bloks Barbie invites girls to build, design and decorate their own Barbie world with compatible playsets and mini-fashion figures. From a Luxury Mansion to a Fashion Boutique and even Barbie doll’s signature pink convertible car.
  • August 28, 2012: Mega Brands announced the second Halo Toymation Fest, a community-driven competition in which Halo fans can create and submit their own Mega Bloks Halo toymations.
  • May 30, 2012:Mega Brands announced a global licensing partnership Activision Blizzard to develop Mega Bloks toys inspired by Skylanders Giants™, the sequel to 2011's Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™. The sets will be released in the Autumn/Fall.
  • March 29, 2012: Mega Brands announced a global licensing partnership with Mattel, to produce construction toys based on Barbie® and Hot Wheels®. The new lines will be available in spring 2013.

The Mega Bloks Barbie™ collection will provide girls with a completely new Barbie play experience. With a focus on creative play and customization. The line will feature Barbie and her friends in a buildable world of fashion and dream locations. The Mega Bloks Hot Wheels™ collection will centre on performance, stunts and the coolest cars.

  • February 15, 2012: Mega Brands launched its new Mega Bloks Halo Universe Metal Series sets. The Mega Bloks Halo Universe “Metal Series” collector’s line will include small scale replica figurines and vehicles. The new diecast Halo Universe vehicles include moving parts and will add a very collectible element to the series. Each set in the collection will include a zinc figurine and terrain plates.
  • February 15, 2012: Mega Brands launched its new range of Mega Bloks Power Rangers construction toys. The Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai line will be available this autumn and will include minifigures and sets from the TV show. The Mega Bloks Power Rangers Super Samurai line includes new products such as Micro Action Figures (series 3), Hero packs, Pocket racers, 2-in-1 Zords, the Claw Armour Megazord and more.
  • October 31,2011: Mega Brands announces that it has signed an agreement with Marvel Entertainment, to feature Spider-Man and other classic comic book characters in RoseArt 3D Create ‘n’ Color products.
  • October 4,2011: Mega Brands announces that it has signed an agreement with online games developer and entertainment firm, Mind Candy, to develop creative toys based on the Moshi Monsters.
  • August 25,2011: Mega Bloks launched a Toymation competition to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the hugely successful Halo franchise.
  • June 13,2011: Mega Brands announces that it has signed an agreement with Blizzard Entertainment to produce World Of Warcraft Sets and Starcraft II.
  • May 31,2011: Mega Brands announces that it is extending its deal with Microsoft to produce Halo sets.
  • May 26,2011: Mega Brands announces an expansion of the deal with HIT Entertainment to produce more Thomas and Friends sets.
  • May 10,2011: Mega Brands announces deal to release Power Rangers Sumarai sets in early 2012.
  • March 15, 2011: Mega Brands announces plans to release new Pre-School toy range based on Hello Kitty.
  • February 15, 2011: Mega Brands releases new Pre-School toys such as the 3-in-1 Build ‘n Go Walker, The Tub Town Collection and The Build‘n Go Wagon.
  • February 14, 2011: MEGA Brands premieres the 3D BreakThrough™, its all-new innovation in 3-dimensional (3D) puzzles.
  • February 13, 2011: MEGA Brands launches its brand new Mega Bloks Need for SpeedTM Authentic Collector’s Series today at the 2011

American International Toy Fair. Then Mega Bloks Need for Speed line combines the world’s best-selling racing video game franchise with the core play pattern of vehicle building. Need for Speed building sets showcase some of the world most iconic and exotic sports cars such as the Audi R8, Nissan GT-R and Porsche Turbo.

  • January 3, 2011: Kiloo Games releases Mega Bloks app for Iphone.
  • November 30: MEGA Brands announce a licensing partnership with Electronic Arts to develop construction toys based on Need for Speed.
  • November 30: MEGA Brands are holding an Open House for new designers on Thursday, December 2.
  • October 05: Mega Bloks® Partners with Cartoon Network Enterprises to Create Construction Toys Based on Generator Rex.
  • October 01: Mega Bloks® Launches its First-Ever Colorful iPhone and iPad App Toy for


  • September 30: Mega Bloks® signs a deal with London-based Ludorum to produce a range of Chuggington construction toys.
  • September 27: Mega Bloks®’ Adventures on Misty Island from the Mega Bloks® Thomas

& Friends® construction toy line was named one of the ‘HOT 20 TOYS’ for the 2010 holiday season by The Toy Insider.

  • August 10: MEGA Brands Launches a Buildable World of Ultimate Battle, DRAGONS


MEGA brick.png Recent and upcoming releases

Mega Bloks sets

DPK82 McKenna's Gymnastics TrainingDPK83 Grace's Pastry CartDPK84 Saige's Art StudioDPK85 Nicki's Horse StablesDPK86 Isabelle's Ballet RecitalDPK87 Grace's 2-in-1 Buildable HomeDRC65 Collectible Figures AssortmentDRC74 Downtown Style CollectionDRL03 Uptown Style Collection

CNF71 Mini Fashion FiguresCNF75 Rock ’n Royals SetCNF76 Puppy Adventure SetCNF77 Pet Beach BoardwalkCNF95 Pet Vet to Sweet BakerCNF96 Classroom Teacher to Prima BallerinaCNF98 Puppy Adventure FestivalCNH89 Movie House ChihuahuaCNH90 Prima Ballerina CatCNH91 Gym Fit HamstersCNH92 Coffee Shop Poodle

DKX53 Anti-Aircraft VehicleDKX54 Wraith AttackDLB97 Jetpack FighterDLB98 Advanced EnforcerDLB99 Horseback AssaultDLC00 Jungle RangersDLC01 Zombies Office MobDMT52 Zombies Moon Mob

Out Now CNF46 Minion Blind Packs Series IV | DKT69 Motor Mischief | DKW82 Minion Blind Packs Series V | DKW82 Minion Blind Packs Series VI | DKX76 Factory Fiasco | DKX77 Fortress Break-In | DKY82 Copy Chaos | DKY83 Jelly Jiggle | DKY84 Mailroom Mania | DKY85 Chair-O-Matic | DNC19 Minions Display Case

2925 Dora to the Rescue2926 Talking Dora’s School2927 Dora’s House2928 Dora’s Block Party

CPF71 NMPD Pelican Air Base | DKT68 Covenant Watch Tower | DKW60 Halo Heroes: Master Chief | DKW61 Halo Heroes: Spartan Orbital | DKW62 Halo Heroes: Spartan Thorne | DKW63 Halo Heroes: Spartan Defender | DKW64 Halo Heroes: Buck | DKW65 Halo Heroes: Spartan Vale | DLB92 Spartan Armor Customizer Pack | DLB93 Promethean Weapons Customizer Pack | DLB95 UNSC Fireteam Stingray | DLB96 Covenant Storm Lance | DPP66 Metallic Gold Drop Pod | DPP97 Metallic Platinum Drop Pod | DPP68 Metallic Crimson Drop Pod | DPP69 Metallic Onyx Covenant Drop Pod | DPP70 Spartan IV Battle Pack III

CNF34 Chromad | CNF35 Nitro Booster | CNF36 Rage Rider | CNF37 Sting Shot | CNF39 T-Blast | CNF40 Sharkbite | CNF43 Grease Pit Garage | CNF44 Car Wash Attack | CNF45 Break-Out Station | CNH40 RumbleJack | CNH41 Master Crusher

81000 Jeep 3-in-1 Ride-On | 81015 Jeep 3-in-1 Ride-On | 97803 Jeep Wrangler | 97804 Jeep Off-Road Adventure | 97806 Jeep Forest Expedition

Out Now 5646 Sky Ship Showdown | 5660 Super Mega Racer Zord | 5661 Super Mega Jet Zord | 5662 Red Lion Zord | 5666 Micro Action Figures Series 2

Out Now CNJ86 Micro Action Figures Series 3 | CNJ86 Micro Action Figures Series 4 | DKT71 Monster Rally Boat | DLB13 Wacky Wrestling | DLB14 Squidward Dragster | DLB15 Sandy Rocket Racer | DLB17 Jellyfish Baseball

[[[CNJ05 Thomas]] | CNJ06 Percy | CNJ07 Toby | CNJ09 Thomas & Stephen | CNJ10 Kevin & Victor | CNJ12 Sodor Wash Down | CNJ13 Sodor’s Big Celebration | CNJ14 Hidden Treasure Adventures | CNJ15 Zooming Along at Brendam Docks | DLC13 Charlie | DLC14 Thomas | DLC16 Recycling Center | DLC17 Thomas and Bertie

DMX21 Micro Action Figures Series I | DMX27 Mikey Nunchuk Training | DMX34 Leo Pizza Fury | DMX35 Raph Dojo Combat | DMX37 Donnie Pizza Buggy | DMX38 Mikey Pizza Racer | DMX50 Baxter’s Mutation Chamber | DMX51 Mikey Pizzeria Showdown | DMX52 Donnie Turtle Racer | DMX54 Party Wagon | DMX55 Turtle Sewer Lair

Due Out Soon 91001 Colton | 91002 Ironoak | 91003 Ragerock | 91004 Valoren| 91008 Sindragosa & the Lich King | 91014 Goblin Zeppelin Ambush | 91016 Deathwing’s Stormwind Assault | 91018 Flying Machine | 91019 Goblin Trike | 91020 Swift Wyvern | 91021 Swift Gryphon | 91025 Barrens Chase | 91026 Demolisher Attack | 91034 Creature Pack Set | 91035 Creature Pack 1 | 91036 Creature Pack 2 | 91037 Creature Pack 3 | 91041 Spectral Tiger | 91045 Goblin Shredder | 91046 Sha of Anger | 91049 Nefarian's Descent | 91050 Rojo | 91051 Mechano Hog | 91052 Armored Snowy Griffon | 91056 Pearce | 91057 Wrenchroar | 91061 Garrosh's Rule | 91101 Duskborne | 91102 Nighthowl | 91103 Medrin | 91104 Greyland | 91105 Roto | 91106 Thunderhorn | 91107 Drixil | 91108 Dayhaven


3230 Mountain Peak Expedition | 3236 McLaren F1 Racer | 3243 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Pitstop | 3244 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Rig | 3248 Ford Focus RS WRC07 | 3249 Eurofighter Typhoon | 3250 M1064 Gromitz | 3251 Leopard 2 Tank | 3263 Battleship | 3265 Supersonic GT SRA | 3266 Stealth Turbo SRA | 3268 Sports Bike | 3269 Fighter Jet | 3271 Assault Chopper | 3272 Speed Boat | 3274 Race Car | 3275 Attack Copter | 3707 Air Force Warthog | 3723 PredorX Turbo SRA | 3731 SNAKE Mobile Defense Unit