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1998 - 2011


Carbon Series

The Mega Bloks Probuilder range is a currently active series of incredibly detailed models based on Ships, Aircraft, Cars, Helicopters, Spaceships etc. These sets have an enormous amount of bricks and the models can sometimes take hours if not days to complete. These Probuilder sets are similar to Lego "Model Team" sets although they have slightly less pieces and tend to be built mostly from simple bricks. This makes them easier to construct.

The Probuilder range started as far back as 1998 and is still currently being produced. So far there have been almost a hundred sets in this series and this number is sure to continue to grow.


Probuilder Sub themes released for Mega Bloks included

Action Series
Battle Series
Battle Group Series
Carbon Series
Collector Series
Master Series
Military Series
Racing Series
Showcase Series

One of the Sub-themes within this range was the Carbon Series of models which consisted of a number of sets featuring battleships, Attack Copters, Speed Bikes etc. The only common theme that seemed to tie all these sets together was the orange and brushed aluminium detailing that all the models had.

List of Sets

3230 Mountain Peak Expedition
3233 Deluxe Building Set
3236 McLaren F1 Racer
3243 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Pitstop
3244 Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Rig
3248 Ford Focus RS WRC07
3249 Eurofighter Typhoon
3250 M1064 Gromitz
3251 Leopard 2 Tank
3252 ADAC Road Patrol
3254 ADAC Tow Truck
3255 ADAC Rescue Helicopter
3263 Battleship
3265 Supersonic GT SRA
3266 Stealth Turbo SRA
3268 Sports Bike
3269 Fighter Jet
3271 Assault Chopper
3272 Speed Boat
3274 Race Car
3275 Attack Copter
3701 FX Striker
3702 Speed Bike
3706 Grand Prix Racer
3707 Air Force Warthog
3708 Navy Destroyer
3710 Code Red
3711 Aerial Assault
3715 276 Turbo SRA
3717 Influx GT Turbo SRA
3722 Tantalus Ti SRA
3723 PredorX Turbo SRA
3724 Summit Turbo SRA
3725 Pursuit Mk7 SRA
3731 SNAKE Mobile Defense Unit
3734 Xtreme Racing Collection
3735 Hydra Airborne Support Unit
9704 Muscle Car
9705 Street Rod
9707 Combat Tank
9708 Air Striker
9709 Fighter Jet
9709 Black Eagle
9710 Ford GT
9715 Construction Site
9716 Drag Racers
9717 Formula Racer
9718 Dirt Bike
9719 Super Bike
9724 Bradley M2A3
9725 Air And Sea Force Unit
9727 Go Kart
9731 SWAT
9732 Patrol
9734 M1A1 Abrams Tank
9735 FDNY Firetruck
9736 Space Shuttle Endeavour
9737 Rally Car
9738 Humvee
9740 Night Copter
9741 Sea Rescue
9743 Blue Thunder
9744 Racing Rig
9745 Wave Breaker
9747 Air Combat
9748 Wave Racer
9749 Monster Truck
9754 Dragster
9755 F1 Racing
9758 Monster Truck
9760 Battleship
9761 Desert Patrol
9762 Destroyer
9763 Dune Racer
9764 Tactical Fighter
9766 Code Blue X 10
9770 Harley-Davidson Road King
9771 Harley-Davidson Softail
9772 P-51 Mustang
9773 Harley-Davidson V-Rod
9775 Sea Wolf
9777 USS Enterprise NCC-1701D
9778 Steam Express
9780 USS Kittyhawk
9781 Blue Thunder
9782 Wave Racer
9783 SWAT
9784 Patrol
9786 Army Chopper
9787 Monster Truck Fury
9788 Cyclone Racer
9789 Air Force Warthog
9795 USS Nimitz
9962 F22 Supersonic Fighter
34000 Carbon Series 2-in-1