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2012 - 2015

Barbie is a Mega Bloks theme that was first released in 2012 and is still being released in 2015, it is produced by Mega Brands under licence from Mattel.

The Mega Bloks Barbie series gives young girls the ability and power to build and style their very own Mega Bloks Barbie world. The Mega Bloks Babrie series has over 300 specially-designed pieces and loads and loads of special Barbie accessories. There will be up to 19 different special Barbie minifigures — including Barbie, Teresa, Nikki and Ken, all will have changeable hair, accessories and clothing styles.

In the Mega Bloks Barbie series there are loads of great houses and buildings to create, such as the Fashion Boutique, the Pet Shop, the Luxury Mansion or the Beach House.

Barbie Sets