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Forward Unto Dawn
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UNSC Master Chief
UNSC Officer
UNSC Technician
Covenant Elite Zealot


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The 97117 Forward Unto Dawn set is an Exclusive Mega Bloks Halo set made for Toys-R-Us released in 2012. The set contains a massive Charon-class light frigate called the Forward Unto Dawn. Also included are five minifigures of a UNSC Master Chief, a UNSC Technician, a UNSC Officer, a Covenant Elite Zealot and a light-up Cortana. This is Mega Bloks’ 117th Halo set, and the set number, 97117 also echoes the operating number of the Master Chief, John-117 the returning protagonist in Halo 4. This massive set contains 2877 pieces.


The Forward Unto Dawn set contains a buildable Charon-class light frigate, called the Forward Unto Dawn, with a removable hull and multiple interior compartments, you can open up the finished ship to explore the inside and relive key Halo moments. The ship has a Cryo Bay with a light-up Cortana and a fully stocked UNSC Armory, which includes a Sticky Detonator and a Covenant plasma pistol.

The Charon-class light frigate is moderately outfitted to effectively engage enemies of similar tonnage. Frigates of this class are equipped with low- to medium-grade magnetic acceleration cannons, an embedded missile delivery systems, a light point defense network and three dorsal launch bays that can effectively deploy nuclear armaments. The primary purpose of Charon-class frigates is to swiftly engage and neutralize attacking threats, both at significant range and in close-quarters skirmishes, thereby making them primarily defensive in design and intent. Light frigates can also be used for escort and, less frequently, within concerted attacks against stationary targets.

The Forward Unto Dawn was a central ship to the events of Halo 3 and at the end of the game it was ripped apart and sections of it appear in Halo 4, but with a heavy redesign. The bow has a collection of antennae and booms, going through the forward mandibles there is more detail, further along the hull are the deployment bays and exterior armament, past the bridge, are the rear stabilizer/armor panels and then the engine array.

The box this set is enormous complete with heavy-duty cardboard, there is also a carry-handle built into the top to help you carry this heavy set. The inside of the box has as a cool mural on the inside lid and the instruction book is held in place with a cardboard insert, and beneath that are the parts boxes. Inside the boxes are other boxes and each box contains an assortment of bagged parts, as well as a large, glossy parts-card laying out which pieces are in each box.

The main hull of the ship is 31.25 inches long and when you add the forward antennas and booms the overall length comes to 37.5 inches. The hull is packed with bricks which help to give the model strength and also results in a compact model with no empty volume inside apart from the central corridor which is a functional part of the ship and not simply a void. The displays stands are made from bricks which and are very solid and there is also a nameplate for the ship that you can mount on the stands.



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