Silver Bird

Label: Black Market Music

Released:21st June 2004

Reference No:

Total Length: 48:42

Track Listing

1. Worried Now 3:49
2. Love Me Right 3:15
3. Go Back To Your Used To Be 4:26
4. Silver Bird 3:18
5. What You Do To Me 3:47
6. Man Trouble Blues 3:47
7. Standing On A Limb 4:10
8. I Wanna Ramble 3:13
9. Bluff City Blues 3:35
10. Mistreated 4:38
11. Gotta See Ya 3:20
12. Driving All Night 4:09


Collard Greens and Gravy are a melbourne Blues trio who play swamp delta blues. For a three piece the band can really wail. Ian Collard is easily Melbournes best harp player and does an exceptional job on this cd. This is their 3rd release and still stands strong next to their other wonderful cds. THis album is all originals but has three covers on it, done very well might i add. One might say that it is quite difficult to write orginal blues songs these days, but ian collard does a great job. This cd won an aria and it was very well deserved becuase this is a great album. For those who like delta swampy kind of blues this cd is a must have. Australia has never produced better blues